Due Diligence

Our structured reviews and investigations process will help you meet legal requirements. We conduct appraisals of business to evaluate commercial potential before our clients enter into transactions with third parties. ,

Expert testimony

Our seasoned network of qualified professionals are available to provide expert testimony on  scientific, technical, or professional issues in specialized fields during legal proceedings.

Capacity Building

We provide training to help individuals and organizations obtain, improve and retain the knowledge skills, tools and resources needed to succeed professionally.

Dispute Resolution

We utilize alternative dispute mechanisms in the settlement of disputes including mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

Bilateral /Multilateral Negotiations

We have decades of experience at the negotiation table, serving a direct role in the negotiation process.  We provide advisory services by refining strategy and offering suggestions and feedback behind the scenes.  We can partner and sit with you at the table; our seasoned consultants read the fine print, to make sure that you take advantage of all available concessions whilst ensuring that all parties are acting within the pre-determined rules and adhering to  the principles of nondiscrimination and reciprocity. We can also play the role of third party advocate, acting with your express consent on your behalf at the negotiation table.

Policy Development

Let our experts help you set the agenda, formulate the policy, guide you through the adoption, implementation and evaluation stages. We have refined the process of getting you to your desired outcome efficiently and economically.


Our consultants are trained in the practice of promoting, and influencing the introduction of enactments  before any legislative body. We will work with you to develop an approach towards gaining  approval for the amendment of legislation; promulgation, modification, or deletion of regulations before any regulatory or administrative body.

Step by Step

Focus Areas


Public Policy


Gender & Minority Relations


Technology & Innovation


Legal and Judicial Innovation


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