Legal Innovation 

Let’s Talk About Change



Innovation is the result of two primary components: an idea and its implementation.

It is an action capable of altering reality and changing the status quo. Innovation is an extended process, not a one-time occurrence. It begins with an idea, and requires time, resources, and additional factors to bring about its implementation.


What is Legal Innovation?

Legal innovation is the development or introduction of new legal norms and concepts in order to establish institutions and influence the formulation of novel processes and standard procedures. 


Why encourage Legal Innovation?

Historically, transactional models of legal services and education have been slow to respond to change. However, as breakthroughs in different vital aspects of man’s life are happening, there has been an increasing demand by individuals all over the globe to promote and support legal innovation. Here’s why:

  • Increased Access to Justice
  • Increased Representation in Minority Issues
  • Restores Trust in the Legal System
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Transparency and Predictability
  • Provision of Proactive Solutions

The Center for Law and Innovation Policy continues to identify opportunities to influence and promote innovation in the legal field. Visit our Initiatives page to learn more.